About Simotec ApS

Simotec ApS is an innovative Danish engineering-, mechanical- and trading company supplying all variations of machines and mixing equipment for the construction and concrete industry.

Brief History

Simotec aps was first established in Denmark in 2006 to offer engineering, consulting and turn-key delivery of complete plants for the construction and concrete industries. We specialize in batching plant technology and have a long experience through former ownership of Fibo Intercon.

Today, Simotec maintains a main office in Kolding, workshops in Nyborg and Gentofte, and a showroom in Germany. We have acquired an international customer base whose satisfaction with our work has given us the strength and encouragement to continue on our path. We are steadily expanding with an increasing number of turn-key projects delivered across Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East.



Our Vision:
Simotec is committed to being the preferred channel for design, engineering and consulting of complete plants.

Our Mission:
Simotec is committed to leveraging its Global Strategic alliances, dedicated people, outstanding customer service, market knowledge and value-added service to become the preferred channel for design, engineering and consulting of complete plants.

Our Strategy:
Simotec provides personalized service, deploys product knowledge and up-to-date industry experience to create long lasting distinguishing value.

Our Pledge:
We will provide specialized, quality products and professional services to our clients.
We shall stay abreast of current market trends and industry standards in our level of service.
Our services shall be cost effective and produce results representing a genuine value to our clients.



Johannes Simonsen
Managing Director / Head of Sales

+45 55 34 30 25
+45 40 34 30 25

Søren Blume Svendsen

Head of Automation Engineering
Authorized Electrician

Nicholai von Stapelfeldt
Head of Mechanical Service / Design Workshop



Office / Meeting Address:

Simotec ApS
Vesterballevej 27, 1st floor
DK-7000 Fredericia

Adm. / Invoice to:

Simotec ApS
Strandmøllevej 7
DK-6000 Kolding