Continuous Mixing Plant

Our continuous mixing plant is designed and produced by leading manufacturer Euromecc.

Euro 2 Mix/MC

Designed for zero slump concrete and road basement foundation

The two aggregate bins together with the cement batcher and the 150cu.m. mixer are assembled on a sole frame. It is transportable on truck trailers or open top cantainers max 40'. Volumetric belts control the aggregates batching whose flow is regulated by inverter. A rotary valve enables the cement batching, managed by an inverter too. On the cement batcher a weighing system for the cement dosage control is installed. A 2" electromechanical pulse emitter and a flow restrictor valve enable water dosage. A 20° conveyor belt is used to load the truck. The system management is totally automated thanks to a touch-screen installed onto the control panel placed beside the machine.

• Aggregate storage bins: 2
• Aggregate storage: 30 m3
• Max hourly output: 150 m3/h
• Continuous mixing plants suitable for cement mixture production, with hourly output up to 300 m3/h