Concrete Block Moulds

The BETONBLOCK system is the fastest growing concrete block system in the present market

Concrete blocks are used extensively in the recycling sector and by construction contractors for configuring construction sites, to name just a few. There are also available in smaller sizes for diverse applications.

The molds are produced from high-grade, low-alloy structural steel and are long lasting due to their powder-coated finish. Design and workability have been greatly improved through continuous improvement, as a result of which the BETONBLOCK system is the fastest growing system in the present market.

The general concrete block mold, the so-called "Basic", is available in a range of sizes. The quality of the concrete, together with the sizes and the weight of the cast concrete block are determining factors for the ultimate use and the required application. Heavier blocks can be used for building higher structures and are ideal for retaining walls in the recycling and agricultural sectors, for example. The smaller variants are more suited to lighter applications, such as the installation of garden walls.


A range of models are available. Contact Simotec for a specific size.

• 160x80x80
• 160x80x40
• 160x40x80
• 160x40x40
• 180x60x60
• 150x60x60
• 180x30x60
• 150x30x60
• 150x30x30
• 150x60x30
• 120x60x60
• 240x60x60
• 180x60x30