Treatment and Recycling Plants

Recycle your concrete!

Simotec has a partnership with German company ecofrog for treatment and recycling plants. ecofrog specializes in the design and construction of custom made, turnkey recycling plants for the concrete industry. The most important system components are: Waste green concrete reclaimers, water clarifying silos, filter presses and neutralization systems with customer adapted control units and additional equipment.

The following explains ecofrog's system. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how recycling concrete could be beneficial to you.


The waste green concrete reclaimer RE_X separates based on the principle of flotation with a separating cut at approximately 0,25 mm waste green concrete into its constiuents washed out aggregates and grey water (Cement and fines suspended in water). The water overflows over a free overflow into a suitable stirring tank, from where it can be returned into concrete production. The sand and gravel mixture is discharged via an ascending vibration chute, simultaneously dewatering the mixture. The water is returned into the drum of the reclaimer and a perfectly washed out ready for reuse sand-gravel mixture is produced.


In the water treatment tank AQUARE_X excess grey water is clarified. Excess grey water is created due to the amount of grey water and / or colour pigments a complete reuse of the grey water in the production process is impossible. Grey water is pumped, if required under the addition of polymers, into the central pipe of the water clarifying tank AQUARE_X. The fines settle in the cone of the tank and are extracted via a system of valves. The maxi discharger assists in extracting the slurry. The slurry can either be dosed into the batching plant or dewatered in the filter press RE_XPRESS. Clarified green water overflows under the roof of the tank and can be buffered in an extra tank. This enables a distribution of pressurized green water throughout the factory via a centrifugal pump followed by a pressure vessel.


The filter press RE_XPRESS dewaters cementious slurry. A filter cake with high solids content is produced, making the handling of slurry easier, and reducing the disposal costs. A high pressure pump squeezes slurry into the filter chambers formed in between the filter plates. Water passes through the filter cloth and is returned into the grey water basin. After pressing is the central filling system is cleaned and the filter cakes are discharged. The filter press is operated hydraulically. Filter presses can also be used to extract fines from grey water. In this way ready mix plants can reduce the density in their grey water basin.


NRE_X - Inline pipe neutralization with CO2 for treatment of alkaline water residues – an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective procedure. In the concrete industry alkaline waste waters are produced. In the EU these waters have to be neutralized before they can be disposed of into the public sewer system. A pH deduction of these process waters has positive effects on the plant components and improves the reusability of the process waters. Via dosing jets mounted in a special two phase nozzle CO2 gas is sprayed into the flooded pipeline. In this way a fine dispersed distribution of CO2 is achieved. Controlled by a flow meter and dosing valve the dosing rate of CO2 is monitored and controlled. In the pipeline the dissolved CO2 reacts with water to carbonic acid and neutralization starts. The benefits of this technology are:

  • No overdosing
  • No handling of hazardous, aggressive acids as chloridic - or sulphuric acid.
  • No problems with corrosion
  • No increase of the saline content in the waste water
  • Low requirement in space and staff.

ecofrog designs and delivers neutralization plants with capacities up to 20 kg CO2 per hour.