Washing and Cleaning Systems


DRUMCLEANER is an economically sound investment where the cleaning process only takes 8 minutes. This stand-alone system can be placed in an existing truck cleaning facility and no additional foundation is required. Simply connect the water and power - and the system is ready for operation.

Easy System Setup & Use

Before starting the DRUMCLEANER, simply reverse the truck into position and ensure it is properly aligned with the system.
Adjust the height and tilt angle of the lance. Insert the lance into the drum, then press start.
The lance is fitted with a nozzle, which rotates and moves slowly back and forth within the drum. The washing process can be standardized or individually programmed to suit any kind of drums.

Why invest in a washing plant?

• When the drum is not properly washed, a layer of residual concrete (blind load) will build up quickly inside the drum. In poorly maintained drums, residual concrete can easily reach ½ m3 of concrete or more. It is economically advantageous to wash a drum clean, so the system is always running at full capacity.

• Manual cleaning takes substantially longer and washing out with sand / gravel often leaves a residue. The DRUMCLEANER provides a thorough method of cleaning out your truck’s components.

• The DRUMCLEANER system is safer for employees because they do not have to climb into the drum and release any of the jammed residual concrete.

All equipment is mounted within the insulated 10-foot container. The washing plant is operated by a set of two high pressure pumps, which supply the rotating nozzle with a high power spray. It is this combination of high pressure and a jetting water flow that produces an efficient cleaning system. To prevent dirty water from clogging the nozzle head, a filter has been installed.

The system is operated by a small PLC, where a standard or customized washing process is programmed. The water and electrical connections are installed outside of the container.

The lance is mounted on the roof of the container. At the end of the lance, a rotary nozzle is mounted. The lance height is adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder, which is operated from inside the control room. The lance’s angle of inclination can also be pre-programmed to suit the pitch of the drum.

In order to clean the lance during an active cleaning cycle, small nozzles are mounted around the lance.

Technical Data

• Power supply: 3 x 400 V / 63
• Amp Water pressure: Min. 1½ “ connection with mains pressure main water pressure
• High Pressure Pumps: Set of 2 motors 11 KW / 15 HP 210 bar at 84 l / min
• Control: PLC control that can be programmed individually
• Lance length: 4.5m, 3.5m stroke
• Water Filter: 1 ½, 25 micron / 90 l / min
• Type: D3.5 - 210

The DRUMCLEANER in action.

The DRUMCLEANER in action.

The two pumps and PLC inside the container.

The two pumps and PLC inside the container.